The Sibos Diaries: Chapter 3

 By Phil Cantor,

Chief Marketing Officer,

iGTB | Polaris Financial Technology Limited

The Sibos Diaries - Chapter 2

Wow. What a day.

The highlight was videoing Karim Labadi of Mashreq saying some stunning things about us but the real value of yesterday was the high quality of the meetings that happened.

People think of shows as being for lead generation – and we collected many leads – but there were several meetings yesterday that pushed existing deals significantly further on. These don’t show up in the statistics so much but have the most value. At times yesterday there were 10 or more meetings happening simultaneously. A few meetings even had to be held standing up, despite us having around 20 chairs (any more would not have fit on the booth).

A word about Mashreq bank. The first bank in the UAE to install cash machines. The first institution in the UAE to issue credit and debit cards. The first local bank in the UAE to offer Renminbi account services to customers. Now, the first bank in the region to launch a state-of-the-art Corporate Banking Online Portal – mashreqMATRIX – using the full Intellect iGTB platform, giving clients a single point of contact for issues around accounts, payments, collections, liquidity management, and trade and supply chain. During 2014, they have been winning awards right, left and centre: Celent’s Model Bank “Cash Management and Trade Award”, The Banker Middle East’s Product Award for “Best Corporate Account” and now, here at Sibos yesterday, they received the EMEA Finance’s “Best Cash Management Services in the Middle East Award” 2014.

They have doubled the transactional corporate customer base within 9 months thanks to iGTB. Yes that’s right, up 100%!

A few other stories about banks.

  • One bank, where discussions had stopped, saw our booth, and said they looked at the video, they looked at the Digital Outside poster, they looked at the Digital Inside poster and they looked at the Digital 360 graphic, and the icons, and that “everything spoke to them” and they have come and want to discuss reopening conversations!
  • One bank, saw our “concept car” and said “I would like to personally show this to my CEO!”
  • One bank, who had seen CBX and liked it but felt it needed more, saw the concept and immediately said we must bring it to show them all.

On the lighter side,

Standard Bank, as ever, have a ball with the best wines and this time bringing a jazz band doing covers of Hugh Masakela tunes. (This allowed me to get to speak to their new head of GTB, on the excuse “oh, iGTB sponsored a South African jazz band at BAFT last January” – when I told him about Adam Glasser, and how he had played piano for Hugh when he received his honorary doctorate, suddenly we are having a great conversation with a top banker – and one of the conversations he will remember!)

Finally, quiz time.

Which of our people:
– Fell asleep in the car on the way to the restaurant?
– Got out of a car with only one shoe on?
– Has write-only penmanship?
– Is known as “the man in the closet”?
– Overheard two people saying to each other “What happened to Al Carpetto?
He was great at Keybank, where has he gone now?” (and was able to enlighten them)

Day 2 of Sibos 2014 in pictures