Omnichannel Banking – Transformative Technology For Evolving Customers

Take a look around, there’s an interesting transformation happening today.
Customers are getting digitized
Whereas customer touch points are getting humanized

Welcome to the age of Customer 3.0. The type of customers who are not defined demographically, geographically or economically, but by their evolution to adopt new technology to meet their banking and transacting needs. To serve the evolving customer landscape, the omnichannel approach is the need of the hour.

The focus of the omnichannel approach is on contextual banking to create a holistic experience to enable customers seamlessly transact. The omnichannel concept of engagement banking refers to providing a single experience for banks’ customers across multiple channels. In this approach, irrespective of the channel chosen by the customer, the functions, services, capabilities and experience should be the same. The omnichannel approach also supports bankers on the go, by providing agility, flexibility and secure access to information and systems anytime, anywhere, through any device.

For instance, if a customer wishes to open a new bank account, the banking representative could use an app to fill in customer details, an e-signature could be captured, digital documents could be securely uploaded and verified, and a new account could be opened within minutes using minimal paper work. This is what omnichannel integration facilitates.

What is required is an intuitive, real-time omnichannel interface that uses transformative distribution technology to provide an exclusive business banking software to create that seamless experience that the customers desire.

At this year’s Sibos, iGTB’s core comprehensive products are being showcased, from Corporate Banking Exchange, Customer Onboarding, Payments Services Hub to Liquidity Management. All these modules are available, through intuitive real-time omnichannel interface, renowned Corporate Banking Exchange (CBX), powered by Canvas Technology – a transformative distribution technology.

Get to Know How You Can Engage ‘Customer 3.0’ with Omnichannel Banking