Corporate Banking On The Go. High-Speed Banking for Executives on the move.

It’s a bright sunny day, you’re enjoying a round of golf and you get pinged to approve a $4.3bn transaction. Think it’s possible? Yes, because there is an app for it.

Mobile corporate transaction banking is no longer an exception, it is a necessity. Banking technology has evolved with the changing landscape of customers, from corporate internet banking to corporate mobile banking.

As the corporate treasurers’ role transforms, what corporate banking customers want today is access to information and services, secure transacting and automation of processes to enable efficiency. Recognizing this need for change, banks are primarily focused on integrating and utilizing emerging technologies.

Mobility in Corporate Banking – Not Just Servicing the “Schedule-Stricken Senior Executive”

The benefits of mobility in corporate banking are not limited to authorization processes and engagement of senior executives or treasurers.

  • Streamline work processes – The introduction of mobility in corporate banks and financial institutions can help in streamlining processes that have evolved over time into complex procedural tasks. Complex banking operations can be simplified using new banking technology.
  • Monitor and make decisions in real-time– With a single view of the bank’s cash position, senior executives can monitor and make decisions in real-time, based on the dynamic environment. By using the mobile channel, the financial stability can easily be monitored and it can be secured with quick decision making.

The Skeptical Adoption of Mobility by Corporate Banks

As compared to the widespread adoption of mobility in the retail banking space, corporate bankers are still skeptical about complete adoption. Their main concern- security.

Is confidential data secure?

Are user-authentication procedures concrete enough?

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) being the ‘in’ thing, what if a device with sensitive information is misplaced?

While these concerns may be valid, corporate bankers need to take a look at the customizable features of emerging banking technology products. With embedded, robust security systems, high-speed performance, user friendliness, device and channel agnostic characteristics, adoption and integration of innovative banking technology is inevitable.

Technology companies are building new mobile banking systems specifically for corporate customers. They are introducing relevant functions that can be used on the go. Functions such as multi-device operability, workflow and transaction approvals, fund transfers, secure bank messaging and alerting. Corporate banks need to extensively adopt mobile banking technology in order to provide mobility for banking executives on the move.

Get to know how to utilize a high-speed banking platform to provide an advanced highway to run customer payments services, receivables management, cash management, liquidity management, trade finance and supply chain finance in an integrated set, through a single platform. Find out more in this year’s annual conference of Sibos, where iGTB will be showcasing its core comprehensive products.

For Corporate Banking On The Go, Adopt Mobility with Innovative Banking Technology 



3 Ways to Use Predictive Analytics for Customer Centricity in Transaction Banking

Customer Cetricity

Customers’ expectations have undergone a 360 change. They no longer expect real-time service and information. They expect companies to predict what they need. Predictive analytics technology has become a game changer in utilizing big data and business intelligence to enable companies make better informed decisions. 


Ride the new wave of Predictive Technology Using Big Data Analytics

Regulations are ever changing

Volumes are ever expanding

Competition is ever growing

Customer demands are getting more complex

Financial crimes are getting more sophisticated

In this M2M (machine-to-machine) market, real-time service, action and decision making is required to provide exclusive service and products. In the business banking space, challenges such as increasing transaction costs, higher liquidity requirements and managing decreasing margins make it inevitable for enterprises to adopt predictive analytics.

More Insight, Less Hindsight – Personalize with Predictive Analytics

To keep up with the new man-and-machine interaction, adoption of innovative business approaches is necessary. The core essence of predictive analytics is focused more on insight rather than on hindsight.

With new technologies, devices and channels used by customers, transaction patterns are not only becoming more complex, but constantly changing over time.  Predictive analytics uses business intelligence and big data analytics to provide companies with real-time, actionable intelligence to personalize their service and products.  Here are 3 ways you could use predictive analytics to become customer centric in transaction banking:

  1. Assess your customer landscape – Integrate customer experience across channels and deliver real-time insights to stakeholders in order to promote better informed decision making.
  2. Envision your future – Identify and define your future vision, how your banking products and services need to be offered and through which channels in order to sync with changing customer needs.
  3. Implement a phased transformation – Use a real-time banking data platform and social sentiment analysis to integrate new social channels in your multi-channel strategy.

Capitalize on a high-speed transaction banking platform

Innovative and new transaction banking platforms need to be adopted in order to respond to the changing landscape of customer demands, interaction and transaction patterns, and evolving expectations. iGTB’s Global Transaction Banking platform enables corporate customers to have all their transaction needs seamlessly integrated through a consolidated next generation portal for the corporate user, leveraging the Customer Business Exchange.

Capitalize on predictive analytics and use an advanced highway to run customer payments services, receivables management, cash management, liquidity management, trade finance and supply chain finance in an integrated set, through a single, high-speed banking platform. Find out more in this year’s annual conference of Sibos, where iGTB will be showcasing its core comprehensive products, from Corporate Banking Exchange, Customer Onboarding, Payments Services Hub to Liquidity Management.

Get to Know How to Personalize with Predictive Technology