Want to Process Transactions worth $Billions and achieve a STP Rate of Over 97%? Here’s how…

Consider this. Your company just landed a big international deal and a multi-currency transaction of a substantial amount needs to be processed.  After hours of filling out various forms, the banker states that the payment will take up to three weeks to process! Frustrating isn’t it, especially in this digital age where everything happens at lightning pace at the click of a button or rather ones “fingertips”?

However, this is a story of the past. With increasing expectations of high transaction process speeds and efficiency, new banking technology is being introduced in the payment and securities industry. In this digitized and automated world, corporate customers expect their bankers to be up to date with technology and provide speed, efficiency and security, in order to be able to transact seamlessly beyond boundaries.

The Evolving Landscape of the Payment Industry – Straight-Through Processing (STP)

With a dynamic change of pace in payments and foreign exchange, emerging multicurrency offshore systems, and with focus on liquidity in clearing systems and managing risk, corporates are compelled to be competitive in a complex environment. They demand tight control on their working capital and expect seamless, secure, transparent, automatic and electronic transaction processing.

As financial institutions find ways to provide that exclusive customer experience and at the same time reduce costs, automation of processes seems to be the perfect solution. Straight-through processing is the end-to-end automation of the payment process, and involves minimal manual intervention. STP solutions are widely being adopted by financial institutions in order to:

  • Lower costs
  • Improve processing speeds
  • Reduce manual errors and redundancy
  • Streamline operations and increase efficiency
  • Ensure security and transparency in transactions

Why STP Solutions are the Way Forward

In order to capitalize on the rising business potential of e-collections and payables, corporate customers need to find a solution that is robust, scalable and has a future-proof platform that supports both transaction and file based processing with a high degree of STP.

Corporates need to find an advanced STP platform which has best-in-class security features, cost efficiency and payment performance capabilities. Transaction processing on a channel agnostic platform should be combined with flexibility to meet changing customer needs, regulatory reforms and operational arrangements.

An ideal platform is a high-speed banking platform that provides an advanced highway to run customer payments services, receivables management, cash management, liquidity management, trade finance and supply chain finance in an integrated set, through a single platform.

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Process transactions worth $billions

Achieve higher STP rates

Create an exclusive customer experience

With a robust on-boarding STP platform