It’s only a b***y bit of rock

By Phil Cantor,

Chief Marketing Officer,

iGTB | Polaris Financial Technology Limited


You really must lose weight, said my wife, so I bought a new bike. After a while, I found it much easier to get up hills. Between me and the bike, I think we shed a good 5 kilos. Not evenly split, of course, I did my bit, and the bike more than made up for it since it was a good 6k lighter than the last one. So that didn’t work. Got away with it for about a year, then my wife suggests a holiday. That sounds good, I thought. I didn’t realise it, but this was actually just another “you really must lose some weight” conversation. It was several weeks later that I worked that out.
“Let’s follow the Rhine!” were her actual words. I thought that might be quite fun, a glass of wine on a boat. “By bike!!” “Oh,” I said. Thought a bit. How far is it? “Just under 1500k.” Oh, I said, thought a bit more. “Which way?” I asked, thinking that would be the key question. “Oh, downhill, of course”. So we did. All of it.

I won’t tell the whole story of how that didn’t lose me any weight either or how we did manage to get to an Alp with just a bike each and under 5k of luggage each for over two weeks pedalling, or of how many surprisingly uphill elements there are to a river made of water which I had always thought only flowed one way, the down way…BUT here’s the point, the real point, we went past the Lorelei.

Now as you approach the Lorelei you can see the river, which has grown quite wide and well, full of water, gets narrower and faster and there is a really ominous piece of rock sticking out where you can see it would be treacherous – bits of rock sticking up with water flowing round them and logs and twigs getting swooshed about, and…………


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