Top 3 Trends in Digital Banking


op 3 Trends in Digital Banking

The digital era has changed the entire landscape of the banking industry, and has provided new opportunities to improve customer experience. Customers are increasingly using smartphones, tablets and PCs to access financial information and perform transactions.

With evolving technology and customer landscapes, it is important for businesses to keep up with the trends in digital banking:

  1. Mobile banking: The major trend in digital banking includes mobile banking. The average financial servicers witnessed a significant amount of audiences coming in exclusively from mobile platforms. Smartphones have facilitated quick adoption of technology, enabling simple and immediate transactions from phones.
  2. Omnichannel banking: Omnichannel banking has enabled customers to have a holistic transaction experience, while the bank can leverage a unified view of customers. Customers today can carry out their banking transactions from any place, at any time; be it a bank branch, a kiosk, an ATM, or phones, tablets and websites.
  3. Leveraging contextual data: individual user behavior is tracked and Contextual data is leveraged within digital channels, in order to customize the portal to the customer needs. Furthermore, online channels are optimized to up-sell campaigns. A seamless customer journey can be possible only when relevant information is collected and mapped as per the personal preferences of customers.

Banking strategies have changed over time to suit the evolving needs of various customers; with no room for ‘one size fits all’. Planning is integral to counterbalance device and platform differences.

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